Natural stone roofing

Regardless of the type slate is extracted from Altlay (Germany) mines, "Theis-Böger" ensures the highest quality and durability for both the roof and facade.

Clay roof tiles

Clay tile is one of the oldest roofing, whose history is thousands of years long. For many, this roof will relate with warm memories from fairytale books read during childhood. Even in so beloved Walt Disney cartoons often can be seen exactly this type of roof.

Tile roofs are one of the most popular in "old" Europe. More than half of all pitched roofs are exactly made from tile.

It has its own objective reasons. As one of the main reasons can be mentioned resistance to environmental influences - humidity, ultraviolet radiation, temperature fluctuations. The average tile lifetime is 50-100 years. The small size of th components allows to install even quite complex roof surfaces, it is easy to replace damaged parts of the roof (easily renewable).

Excellent sound insulation. If you plan to build living space in the attic of the building, this will be an important feature of the tile. Finally -tile roof is
ecological as well as much more prestigious than other roofing.

Titanium zinc roofing

Titanium zinc is available in several colors:

  1. Naturel - natural zinc color;
  2. Nova - blue-gray;
  3. Noir - slate gray, black;
  4. NUANCE blue - intense blue tone;
  5. Nuance red - intense red tone;
  6. Nuance green - intense green tone.

Color tone choice is dependent on the client's wishes and the architect created visions.

Copper roofing

Copper roofs are widely used in low-rise residential buildings, new high-rise residential buildings, industrial buildings, as well complex constructions roofs. Metal roof benefits are relatively easy installation, unlimited duration of operation, high resistance to environmental impact, light weight. During operation does not require additional resources.

Non-standard roofing (windows, chimney decoration, connections)

Roof accessories

Security systems provides security not only on the roof, but also below it. Snow barriers will not allow to damage beneath them placed items and will not endanger human health. Security footbridge will enable to safely carry out maintenance of chimneys and antennas, safety hooks will allow to perform repair works without worries and get on the roof.

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